Menus & Carte

Our « A la Carte Menu » 30€

A choice of
1 starter + 1 main course + 1 dessert * 3 € extra

Melting Menu

(Lunchtime only during the week)

17€ Melting starter, Melting main course , coffee or tea

+ 4€ extra gourmet coffee or tea

The Menu


The Melting Starter : ask us 7.5€

Warm Goat Moussaka, Little Salad with Pine Nuts 8.5€

Creamy parmesan risotto and pan-fried mushrooms 8.5€

Scandinavian salad with smoked salmon 8.5€

Chicken and vegetable spring rolls, sweet and sour sauce 8.5€

Shrimps in sweet potato soup and coconut milk 8.5€

Small brioche burger with foie gras and smoked duck breast 8.5€

* Smoked Salmon, Gravlax Sauce and Crispbread Toast 11.5€

* Home Made Foie Gras and Brioche Bread House, Red Onion Jam 11.5€


The Melting Main Course: ask us 13€

Wok of Veggies, Satay Sauce (peanuts), Basmati Rice 14€

Mediterranean beef tartare, fries and salad 15€

Chicken with Thai basil, coconut milk, basmati rice and vegetables 15€

Fillet of skate wings, ginger butter, quinoa and vegetables 16€

Pan-fried sea bass fillets, citrus sauce, sweet potatoes 16€

Pan-fried veal, gorgonzola cream, linguine and vegetables 16€

* Tajine of Candied Lamb Shank ,Honey and Spices, Semolina 18.5€

* Half Cooked Tuna, Satay Sauce (peanuts), Noodles and Veggies 18.5€

* Fried King Prawns with Garlic on a Creamy Parmesan Risotto 18.5€


Cheesecake on red fruit coulis 8 €

Mango crumble with ginger, vanilla cream 8€

Chocolate fudge, Custard with Saffron Flavours anglaise à la fleur d’oranger 8€

Brioche French toast style, caramel and almond milk ice cream 8 €

Fried Rolls of Plantain Banana, Chocolate and Exotic Sauces 8€

Crème brûlée with turròn de Jijona 8€

Assortment of ice creams or sorbets 8€

Plate of three cheeses 8€

Gourmet Coffee (Espresso, Decaf. or Ceylon Tea) 8€

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